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120 Advert slots to profit from advertisers - repeats hourly. Play in-house adverts free via the default filler slots. Manage content remotely via your account. Advertisers/Brand promoters find you on our network and target their adverts to your digital signage. Make it yours with free sign-up to this website!

Sign-up on this website and start profiting from your Digital Signage with our unique slot play system. Use ScreenArt as an advertiser to promote on other users digital signage. Connect your digital signage to your user account and generate income from advertisers by allowing them to stay front of mind with passersby/audience.

ScreenArt offers a new level of flexibility for digital signage owners - as a user you have total control over your digital signage content via an easy to use control panel accessible from any internet connected computer.

promote on digital signage with Pick a Spot Local Screen Art

Promote via Digital Signage

Sign-up to promote & advertise to audiences/passersby's via your own or other users digital signage screens. Engage customers at the point of sale!

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Get paid to showcase adverts from promoters with Pick a Spot Local Screen Art

Get Paid by Advertisers

Your digital signage can generate income from advertisers via this unique platform. Your screen at your premises can cross-sell & convey important information to your customers while they wait.

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Business opportunities with digital advertising - Pick a Spot Local ScreenArt

B2B Opportunities

Screen Partners/Business owners may require the services of ScreenArt Account Managers, Graphic Designers, IT professionals and more for their digital signage ...

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What's the earning potential per Digital Signage Screen using Pick a Spot Local's ScreenArt CMS?
- On a cash-out credit value of US8cents per 30 second paid advert play

Scenario: Digital signage screen located at a high traffic venue, operating 8hrs per day, 7 days a week for x1 year having all 120 advertiser spots/hr filled.

Question: Given the above scenario, what will the potential weekly, monthly & yearly earned credit cash-out values be (cash-out value x1 credit = US8cents)?

get paid for allowing advertisers to promote on your digital signage with Pick a Spot Local Screen Art

*Calculations are approximated based on the assumption that:
1. All 120 advertiser spots/hr are being utililised to capacity.
2. Each digital signage screen operates 8hrs/day, 7 days a week x four weeks (roughly x1 month) for x12 months.
Please Note: All earnings are calculated in United States Dollars.


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ScreenArt - a pioneering digital signage CMS & revenue earning networking platform

ScreenArt is an innovative online digital signage content management system & networking platform for advertisers & digital signage owners to network and transact. There are 120 thirty-second Jpeg slots p/hour which repeat every hour a screen is operational. Advertisers purchase credits & submit their jpegs to a target Screen Partner (owner of targeted digital sign/screen) on our network. The Screen Partner receives a notification of the jpeg ad pending approval in their ScreenArt account control panel. One click approval is all it takes for addition into the screen schedule. The Screen Partner earns a credit for every slot booked. These earned credits are cashable. Screen Partners have four free default filler slots to utilise for their in-house adverts which are interchangeable at any time via simple account login online.

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